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[East Coast Trail]
[East Coast Trail]


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Welcome to the wonders of the ECT. Please begin your adventure by choosing a category.

Special thanks go to members and friends of the East Coast trail who contributed photos. Feel free to copy the images - please credit the ECTA and the photographer.

If you would like to share one of your special photos, please email your image to information@eastcoasttrail.com. Be sure to include the photographers name and the location of the scene or the type of vegetation.

Media - for high-resolution photos, please contact information@eastcoasttrail.com.


[View Mayor & Mrs. Tapper & Andy Jones join in]
Mayor & Mrs. Tapper & Andy Jones join in

[View Torbay Coyotes, Winning Team]
Torbay Coyotes, Winning Team

[View Hikers on Tinkers]
Hikers on Tinkers

[View TETC does Tinkers Point Path]
TETC does Tinkers Point Path

[View More great hikers]
More great hikers

[View Hikers return from Tinkers Point Path]
Hikers return from Tinkers Point Path

[View Busing to the trailhead]
Busing to the trailhead

[View Mona & Kimberly sell ECTA product]
Mona & Kimberly sell ECTA product

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